Youth Swim Lesson-Group

Guppies (L1) - (Minimum age 3) -  Students focus on developing independence, confidence and basic safety skills. Students are supported and assisted by the instructor in all skills.  Skills include - bobbing, floating, retrieving objects, water entry and exit, pool safety and moving through the water.

Seahorses (L2) - Swimmers learn to coordinate arm and leg actions and swim independently on both front and back, building on level 1 skills to increase confidence, independence, and water safety skills. Prerequisite skills - completely submerge underwater unassisted, able to perform assisted skills with face in water. Skills include - unassisted floats, glides, big arms, elementary backstroke and rollovers.

Marlins (L3) - Swimmers learn breathing technique for freestyle.  They will increase their confidence and skill base in freestyle, elementary backstroke, and backstroke. They will become more comfortable in deep water while developing their treading skills. Prerequisite skills -  Front and back floats, big arms with rollovers, elementary backstroke 5 yds, backstroke 5 yds.  Skills include – side breathing, treading, coordinated freestyle and backstroke, intro to breaststroke kick, and diving progression.

Sting Rays (L4) - Swimmers will enhance their freestyle and backstroke while building onto their breaststroke kick. They will be introduced to butterfly kicks, turns, and continue diving progression. Prerequisite skills - Side breathing 10 yds, backstroke 15 yds and treading water for 30 seconds.

Skills include - side butterfly, open turns, and racing dives.

Sharks (L5) - Swimmers refine their swimming technique for freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke. They learn to coordinate their butterfly.

Prerequisite skills - Freestyle and backstroke 25 yds, breastroke 10 yds, treading water for 1 minute, dolphin kicks.

Skills include - all strokes, racing dives, and turns.

Combo Class - Accommodates students who are in either level.  Skills from both levels will be taught depending on the level each child.


Age Range: 3-12