Free! First Aid & Safety Training Series

Free! First Aid & Safety Training Series!

Join us on the 4th Saturday of each month, from 10am-12pm in the Multipurpose Room as we cover a variety of helpful and necessary topics.

*Registration required to reserve a spot. No payment necessary. *


May 27th - Water Safety

*Rip Currents *Drowning *Dry Drowning

*Buddy System *Boat Safety *Emergency Kit Items


June 24th - Wildfire Safety

*Defensible Perimeter *Evacuation

*Know Your Zone *Emergency Kit Items


July 22 - Outdoor Safety

*Snakes *Hypothermia *Sunstroke/Heat Stroke

*Poison Ivy/Oak/Sumac *Insect Bites *Emergency Kit Items


August 26 - Family First Aid

*Cuts, Scrapes, Lacerations *Sprains *Burns

*Fractures *Food Poisoning *Poisoning *Choking

*Emergency Kit Items


September 23 - Home Safety

*Electricity *Natural Gas


October 28 - Earthquake Safety

*Strapping Free-standing Items *Cabinet Latches

*Gas Shut-off Wrench *Strap Water Heater

*During an Earthquake Actions *Emergency Kit Items

Age Range: 18+