Roblox Game Design & Coding with Lua Camp

Bring your game ideas to life in Roblox! We’ll guide you through the lifecycle of game development; you’ll sketch out an idea, design your game, and complete a finished product! You’ll use the Lua programming language to create in Roblox’s 3D design studio while mastering real-world programming concepts. Whether you’re completely new to coding or a master, Roblox’s game design engine offers some incredibly fun challenges. We offer a unique and collaborative approach to programming and game design that will allow kids to develop their creativity while fostering an interest in practical skills. Laptop or iPad required.

Class taught by Athena Coding Staff

**Laptop required and can be rented from 'Athena Coding' for $40.

Camp will be held at 1851 Lexington Avenue, San Mateo, 94402 in the Multipurpose Room

Age Range: 7-12