Filmmaking Camp

Come film with Athena! We'll guide you as you turn your idea into an amazing script, and then we'll help you bring it to life!


All students are divided into production teams; together, they'll brainstorm their ideas, and then collaboratively draft a script with a part for everyone. As students work, we'll hold group workshops, where we help them with their:


-Script formatting and styling

-Character design

-Writing dialogue

-Storyboarding and plot-mapping


Then we move onto filming! Students will act out their own scripts, starring in the parts they themselves wrote. They'll also take turns behind the camera, shooting with iPads. We'll give guidance to students as they star in, film, and edit their movies with experienced advice on:


-Special effects and green-screen editing

-Shot composition and panning

-Lighting and sound effects


Each movie will be shown at the end of the class and a copy with a custom poster sent home!

Taught by Athena Coding Staff

Age Range: 8-12

There aren't any sections for Filmmaking Camp currently scheduled.